The Video Advertising Advantage

video1According to a study conducted by Nielsen, online video ads have a greater impact than TV ads and they are better at finding the hardest-to-reach audiences.

Two key findings:

  • Younger TV viewers, the coveted 18-34 demo, continue to grow their time spent with online video.
  • Online video ads score higher impact than TV ads on Nielsen measured metrics. Metrics are general recall, brand recall, message recall and ad likeability.

Click here to read the full report.

Advertisers can use the dynamic Google Adwords PPC platform to place video ads on YouTube and the Google Display Network. AdWords for video is a video-specific campaign management tool within AdWords. With TrueView cost-per-view ads, you only pay when a viewer actively selects your video, or chooses to continue watching a video when it first loads.

Video content for TrueView ads is hosted on YouTube. Google recently added a new video ad performance measure, Earned Actions, that reports how many people liked your video, stayed on your YouTube channel to watch more videos, subscribed to your channel, added your video to a playlist, or shared your video after watching the ad.

Here is an example of a simple video I produced for Air Shasta Rotor & Wing a while ago. It is embedded in their website as well. Those Robinson helicopters sell for upwards of a million dollars. The point is that very few people are in the market for something like that, however if they are researching companies who sell them, this company video (although very basic) will be found in search engines and on YouTube, which may very well lead to a sale!

If you have an interest in producing a video for your company, lets talk!

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