Shine The Light On Jim!

Imagine a business where the service you receive is personalized, the products uniquely meet your needs, the experience greatly exceeds your expectations, and the people remember you. Imagine doing business with someone you know and trust.  The members of Northern Business Associates are small businesses, the backbone of the community. They are parents, volunteers, neighbors and employers. It is their goal to contribute products and services with quality and integrity in a professional, yet very personalized manner.

One of the key members of the association is Jim Blasquez of Indigo ImagesClick here to view an NBA video he recently produced.  Jim’s attitude about customer service is exemplary, as evidenced by the many testimonials on Jim’s website:  The following is a testimonial from Rotary International’s Youth Leadership Training.  Now when you can “blow away” a client like a former Director of IBM Marketing Services, you have truly done something extraordinary!  Way to go Jim!

“Jim, I am blown away! You did a terrific job of capturing the experience and your voice-over commentary tied the whole thing together nicely. It gives us just what we wanted…”

Joseph P. Donohue – Rotary International
Former Director, IBM Marketing & Services

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