Search Engine Optimization SEO Matters – How To Pop Up!

Contrary to popular belief, a successful web site is not just about the total number of people who visit your site (or hits). To be profitable, you must attract people who are most likely to spend money with you. That is why search engine optimization SEO matters. This is where careful integration with search engines can play an important role. There are two ways to achieve this goal: Search Engine Optimization SEO (organic listings) and Pay Per Click management (sponsored listings).

Search Engine Optimization SEO does matter!

search engine optimization seoThere are many elements of search engine optimization SEO and they must work together. Here are just two…

  • Site Design and physical structure (how it is built)
  • Site content (the text)

Without getting too technical, here is a summary of how some search engines have worked in the past. The most visible search engines employ ‘robots’. These are machines that crawl the internet examining and indexing web pages.  If you enter a phrase into a search engine, it will conceivably compare that phrase with its index and find you the pages that most closely match.  For your company’s web site to appear higher in the results it needs to be designed and written with the ‘robots’ and also real people in mind. These are the basic concepts, which sound fine as far as they go.  There is much more to the story.

We use many other techniques that will further enhance organic (free) search engine results.  There are many sincere (but sadly mistaken) people who may wish to sell you on the idea that key words are ultimately critical to success.  You may be given the wrong impression by these search engine optimization SEO operators that adding a bunch of key words will make your site quickly “pop up” in Google.   This will of course be especially true if only you write a big fat check to the company who calls or emails you!  Don’t fall for their shell game or carnival pitch!  You should know that things have changed a lot recently.   Please read on…

Our standard website optimization service aims to increase the number of unique visitors by regularly adding, deleting, or modifying the content of your website.  In other words… it takes hard work!  Repeat… THE CONTENT of your website is all important!  If you happen to have one of our CMS (Content Management Systems) you can also help yourself greatly by adding most of the actual content yourself.  To be clear once again… proper search engine optimization SEO matters. We also make sure that the various site elements, for instance; title, description, etc., are relevant and correct.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are becoming increasingly important.  Tweeting may sound silly, but there is nothing silly about it.  While the cost of the service may vary with the complexity of a given website, we have determined a minimum fair cost for this quarterly service. It is important to know that search engines constitute a “moving target”. We are constantly reviewing the knowledge base to determine current best practices. In other words, we stay up on it so you get the best value for your investment.

We do suggest that optimization be done on a consistent and regular schedule . The reason is that search engines vary in the time it takes for them to “recognize” your changes and update accordingly. Moving too slowly may result in less traffic if the content becomes “stale”. Despite what others may claim, there are no guarantees when it comes to natural search engine ranking. We do not own the search engines, and they do not share trade secrets concerning their software architecture.

While our search engine optimization SEO service can and should be integrated with your ongoing local advertising efforts, i.e. direct mail campaigns when possible, it does not rely on those to be beneficial. It is important to perform this online work regardless of any other marketing.

There are of course, multiple service levels concerning search engine optimization SEO marketing, and we have the expertise to consult with you on the most effective way to allocate your internet advertising budget. We can also set up an extensive plan and manage things like PPC (pay per click) for you.

Please just remember… Success takes hard work, money and time.  There is no magic bullet!

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