Optimism Is Happiness

Optimism is the only Realism.  ~Nick Murray~

The success of life is our constant desire for a better and happier way of life.  We get there through Optimism and the power of setting goals.  The two greatest enemies of optimism are Fear and Oppression.  Fear is an instinct triggered by a real or perceived risk.  Oppression is the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner.    Oppression is only possible through the use of fear and information control.  The USSR fell when communication of the possibilities of a good life became available to the masses there by satellite television. Before that they only knew what they were told by those who wanted them to stay oppressed.   Optimism is the tool which takes us past irrational fear.

In America, we oppress ourselves by feasting on the “terrible” news which makes profits for the media and power for politicians.  The cure is to stop eating the fear they are feeding you.  The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan caused a large decline in productivity in the U.S. because so many people stopped progressing toward their goals to feast on the carnage and entertain the fear we would be covered with a cloud of deadly radiation.   It is good to have compassion for your fellow man, but do not let it take you away from your goals and aspirations.  You will only get sick from the bad news if you eat it.

What is there now that is worse than 50 or 100 years ago?  Your list is going to be short and most of the things on the list will be because of one fact…we are living longer.  U.S. life expectancy in 1900 was 47. In 1950 it was 66 and in 2000 it was 76. We have increased it even more since then. As Mr. Spock said, “Live long and prosper.”

My business life is mostly spent saving people from themselves.  I watch the news not so much for what is going on, but for what I will have to counteract in those I serve.  Sometimes I even find opportunity by going the opposite way from where the “talking heads” are trying to take us.

Fill your mind with useful knowledge, there is an unlimited supply. Take some big bites of optimism, set your goals, define what is needed to get there and tune out the purveyors of fear.    The best way to find joy is to look at those who love you. Protect yourself from those who cause fear and harm. Let optimism help you find the beauty of this world and then make the most of the space between your ears. You will be on your way to a happy and successful life.

Mike Ferrier

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