Protect Your Family’s Identity

There has been much discussion recently, both online and in the media, concerning identity theft. As I build out content management websites for clients, I am often asked about topics related to online security and identity theft. It seems there are just so many ways to expose you or your family to the “bad guys” out on the wild wild web.

family1The stories range from credit card fraud, to highjacking a domain name, to straight out identity theft using the social security number of a newborn baby. When you think about it, what better number could a crook want? After all, there would be zero derogatory items on the baby’s credit at such a young age. The stink bomb explodes later in life when they discover that someone has filed a bankruptcy using the social security number of some innocent kid! How do the creeps get the number to begin with? Simple. They just guess at it! Or perhaps pick it out of the trash. Whatever. It is considered wise to run a credit report on those numbers on a regular basis. This can just be a natural part of a service like the Legal Shield Identity Theft Plan. Now in the interest of full disclosure, this is a link to my Independent Associate’s website for Legal Shield. You would certainly be helping my family to consider this service, however the choice is completely yours. That’s just the way we roll here.

I often caution people who have mobile devices to at least put a strong password on it, and further protect it with a solid pin number to prevent unauthorized access in the event it becomes lost or stolen. It is scary to think just how much personal information lives on such devices. I also let them know that if they choose to use a public wifi hotspot like in a coffee shop or library, it would not be wise to simply log into the back office of any website or reseller portal you may have. There are those who lurk and “sniff” to pickup the user names and passwords and can monitor your keystrokes in such places.

Over 8 million American citizens will be effected by identity theft this year! Staggering. I am not trying to alarm people here, but forewarned is forearmed. I would like to give you a few resources for more information about this subject. I have a great bank called North Valley Bank. They have always taken excellent care of the security of my account. They recently gave me a couple of video links concerning ID Theft for Business and ID Theft Prevention. I think it is cool to share those with you. Meanwhile, stay safe out there on the Interwebs, and just give a call if you need me!

Finally, if you have not seen the movie “Identity Thief” you might be interested in viewing the trailer for it here below. Seems funny, unless it happens to you! Buahahahah!

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