To Help A Friend Of A Friend

airborneIt is not always necessary to know all the details of why a friend needs help. Or in this case, a friend of a friend. Sometimes you just make a move! This is the case today for me. I have a friend named Ted Lidie in whom I have placed my faith and trust. Ted is Senior Firearms Instructor at NorCal Firearms Instruction. I have completed his outstanding training program and plan to attend his more advanced classes.

In these times of uncertainty about remaining secure and safe in society, I consider it wise to follow the advice of a man who recently retired from the U.S. Army as a Command Sergeant Major. Simply put, I want only the best safety training by someone who has their head screwed on straight when it comes to instructing me on ways to defend myself and my family!

For those who may not be aware of the significance of that particular military rank, enlisted soldiers who attain the distinction of being selected by the Department of the Army for participation in the command sergeants major program are the epitome of success in their chosen field, in this profession of arms. There is no higher grade of rank, except Sergeant Major of the Army, for enlisted soldiers and there is no greater honor.

Now, when such a friend tells me that he also has a brother-in-arms in need of help, someone who has covered his back in the past, it seems right and proper to fall in and help. My own Army enlistment ended in 1971, however my oath did not expire. Today I followed my leader and made a small monetary contribution. I do not need to know the circumstances around why his friend is behind bars. I simply trust Ted to do the right thing.

If you are a veteran who has served our country in circumstances you would rather not remember, perhaps you will help out today by following this example. You can do this at: . The former paratrooper’s name is Steve Barnes. So lets get him out and get him home for the holidays! They can sort the rest of it out later. The man will have to face the court system on his own but we can stand with him today. Airborne!


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