Facebook Failures To Avoid

The following article first appeared on SBA website Nov 16, 2011. There are many Facebook failures to avoid. You can learn how to avoid negative impacts when using social media.  We can help you as well.

“Tweeps, friends, followers—no matter how you’re connected, it’s likely that you’re using social media to drive some of your business. Increasingly, business is done, not with the traditional handshake, but with the click of the ol’ “thumbs up.” Sure, most of the old rules of business communication still apply, but there are some common pitfalls people make that can spike even the best social-media manager’s intentions.

The biggest problem is that people become so comfortable interacting in real time through social media that they can say things that would be unimaginable in, for example, more formal business letters or communications.

There are rules. There’s even etiquette. Just the smallest tweaks in your social-media strategy can make a big difference in your bottom line. And missteps can go viral.”

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