Down and Out

Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.  ~Norman Vincent Peale ~

I met a man a few months ago who was homeless, he was broke; his car had died on his way through Redding.  He knew nobody here and had no help from his family or friends.  He could have given up. Instead he stopped me and asked what I thought he should do.  His appearance was good and he had a confidence far beyond his poor situation.  No, he did not ask me for a handout.   I put him in touch with a couple temp agencies and told him he could get some job search clothes at the Salvation Army. He came up to me a couple weeks ago at the Redding Chamber of Commerce Business Expo.  He has a place and a good job. 

When it comes to “down and out,” down is a matter of situation. Out is a matter of attitude.  What you have in your mind cannot be taken away; it can only be given up.  You have total control of the space between your ears.

Next time you are feeling sorry for yourself, think of standing on Hilltop Drive with nothing but a small backpack and the clothes you are wearing.  Would you have a good attitude and a willingness to do what you can to better your situation?  Would you still be able to go for it or would you be looking for a piece of cardboard and a felt pen?

Greatness is determined by your attitude and determination, not the size of your checkbook.  Few lottery winners are able to remain wealthy.  It is far more likely that a poor person can become successful…if they really want to.

Mike Ferrier


  1. Good story my friend, we need more people like you and the man in your story to change the direction of what is going on in our country. All all it takes is two people, right .?

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