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To Help A Friend Of A Friend

airborneIt is not always necessary to know all the details of why a friend needs help. Or in this case, a friend of a friend. Sometimes you just make a move! This is the case today for me. I have a friend named Ted Lidie in whom I have placed my faith and trust. Ted is Senior Firearms Instructor at NorCal Firearms Instruction. I have completed his outstanding training program and plan to attend his more advanced classes. Read More →

The Music Of Possibilities

I found this story to be incredibly heart warming and inspiring.  When we think of our obstacles and inabilities, just consider the music of possibilities!


Join me on the MASH Team Today!

I beat prostate cancer in 2009. Yes!  Thanks to God and all of my caring friends who donated to the research that made it possible for me to celebrate another birthday!  Cancer took my mom at age 60, my big sister is a survivor, so are my older and younger brothers! Enough already! You can do something about this.

I am humbly coming to you to ask you for a couple of bucks.  Yeah, I know… another plea for donations, but my goal is very attainable with your help. You can do it online. Please contribute as you are able. The amount does not matter. What does matter is that we continue to work together to prevent cancer from striking future generations.  Remember Polio?  It took a lot of research to deter that threat.

Relay For Life is my personal opportunity to fight back against cancer by raising funds and awareness. I fight so one day no one has to ever face cancer.

It would be great if you would like to join our MASH relay team.  Click here for details about that.

To make a donation online please visit this link.  (Any amount is much appreciated)

To make a donation in person just give me a call (530) 410-6340 and I will hop over there and pick it up!

Thank you so much!