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Park Marina Motors Stands Tall!

I have purchased many vehicles over the years. Usually things go just fine. When they don’t is when the dealer has the opportunity to step up or side-step the issue. I am happy to let my friends know that the owners of Park Marina Motors in Redding, Ca. demonstrate the kind of corporate character we all hope for when making an expensive investment.

As a web developer I have absorbed a loss when it became necessary to restore a hacked website. Even when you let the customer know up front that you are not responsible for such events, you just don’t let them swing in the breeze after they have paid thousands. If you are a wise business person, you will do the right thing. Park Marina Motors follows the same high road.

When you buy a previously owned vehicle you have the option to get a warranty or expose yourself to the risk of buying “as is”, which is what I chose. Now a fuel pump can fail anytime. In my case it was the next day! Since the pump lives inside the tank, it is neither a simple nor inexpensive fix. Although they were technically in the clear on this, Park Marina Motors did not even flinch! They instructed their top notch mechanic (Duane) at One-Stop Auto Shop on Hartnell to “Git er’ done”! The manager expressed his regret that this happened right out of the gate. What he did not know is that my wife and I plan to drive to the coast to celebrate our 45th anniversary. The pump might have failed going up Buckhorn Summit! Bottom line is, they forfeited every dime of profit to make it right. My sincere hope is that it will return ten-fold to them as a result of my telling this story to my network circle in Redding.

Rick Jamison, Social Media Strategist, Synopsys

“I have known George for many years as a friend and collaborator. He is a thoughtful, engaged and serious-minded person who sincerely cares about doing good work in all of his endeavors. Beyond his day job, George is also an all ’round good guy with a great sense of humor and multiple talents as a songwriter, entertainer and music critic… and he’s really good at all of them!”

Rick Jamison, Social Media Strategist, Synopsys

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Do Your Local Listings Sync Up?

syncupThe sign on your business is in disrepair. Packages delivered to your business are blocking your doorway. What do you do? You repair the sign and you move the boxes. You make sure your business is easy to find.

The same care is required for your local online presence. You won’t rank well if you have conflicting information on any one of the thousands of sites where Google and other search engines gather local listings data. And, consumers are confused when they see discrepancies—they’re likely to go to a competitor whose listings are clean and consistent.

Give us a call and we’ll tell you more about local listings management.

The Video Advertising Advantage

video1According to a study conducted by Nielsen, online video ads have a greater impact than TV ads and they are better at finding the hardest-to-reach audiences.

Two key findings:

  • Younger TV viewers, the coveted 18-34 demo, continue to grow their time spent with online video.
  • Online video ads score higher impact than TV ads on Nielsen measured metrics. Metrics are general recall, brand recall, message recall and ad likeability. Read More →

Protect Your Family’s Identity

There has been much discussion recently, both online and in the media, concerning identity theft. As I build out content management websites for clients, I am often asked about topics related to online security and identity theft. It seems there are just so many ways to expose you or your family to the “bad guys” out on the wild wild web. Read More →