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The Video Advertising Advantage

video1According to a study conducted by Nielsen, online video ads have a greater impact than TV ads and they are better at finding the hardest-to-reach audiences.

Two key findings:

  • Younger TV viewers, the coveted 18-34 demo, continue to grow their time spent with online video.
  • Online video ads score higher impact than TV ads on Nielsen measured metrics. Metrics are general recall, brand recall, message recall and ad likeability. Read More →

Any Time Is Train Time


The Super Chief and El Capitan at Pasadena, CA circa 1972Today I decided to take a little break from creating websites and doing search engine optimization. I was thinking about a different kind of engine, and a few of the very cool jobs I have had in my career. I started out as a Ticket Agent at the Pasadena, CA train station alongside Dale Ball (Lucille’s cousin). We saw many celebs make the short drive from Hollywood to board the Super Chief headed for Chicago or other eastern destinations. I witnessed the end of the line for the Santa Fe Super Chief as it was soon replaced with Amtrak.  See the below video to experience another era in rail travel. Read More →

Jersey Mike’s Rocks!

jerseymikesI always like to let my friends know when I find a great eatery. The other day I went to the business expo at the convention center in Redding. There I met a guy who just opened a Jersey Mike’s franchise store here. It is up on Hilltop in the same parking lot with Trader Joe’s. He handed me a free sammich coupon. They just opened the store today. The traffic and parking was a bit wonky due to the construction of Dick’s Sporting Goods, but it really wasn’t bad. Read More →

Why is Elvis like the Yellow Pages?

Why is Elvis like the Yellow Pages?You might well ask yourself… Why is Elvis like the Yellow Pages? …Once in a blue moon there is a reported sighting of one or the other! I remember 1956 when I was just a little future web developer, Elvis hit the charts with Heartbreak Hotel, and my big sister went wild for the guy! I mean she had those Elvis posters glued all over the bedroom wall and everything! We lived in a very rural area and did not have the Yellow Pages, or even a phone book for that matter. Read More →

Has Your Domain Name Been Hijacked?

Okay… So let’s say you are having a great day in business, when suddenly the number of visitors to your website has plummeted to zero. Ordinarily you make online or direct sales worth hundreds of dollars an hour, but now your business has come to a screeching halt! What the??? Read More →

Facebook Failures To Avoid

The following article first appeared on SBA website Nov 16, 2011. There are many Facebook failures to avoid. You can learn how to avoid negative impacts when using social media.  We can help you as well. Read More →